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FALL 2019

Three courses are available online: 

1. Doctrine of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

— Description–

This course is an intensive study of the doctrine of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., equipping the students with knowledge of the Church’s doctrinal position. Students will study the biblical references for each doctrinal statement, prepare teaching materials based on the lesson and thereby gain a deeper understanding of Christian doctrine.

2. History of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

— Description–

Beginning with the history of the “Movement” before its development into a denomination and tracing the life and work of the founder, this course points out our heritage. Strong emphasis isplaced on the spirit  of evangelism that was an integral part of our movement from the
beginning. The songs of Bishop C. P. Jones and the unique place the music of the Church of Christ (Holiness) holds in the realm of Christianity offer an exciting climax to this course of study.

3. Pastoral/Ministerial Leadership

— Description–

This course helps in the development of pastoral and ministry leaders by focusing on the leadership of one of the greatest leaders of all time, Nehemiah. This course is designed to help you to “plan your work and work your plan,” using the example of a man of God. You will also learn how leadership style, spiritual gifts, and spiritual styles impact your leadership.

A fourth course is available in Folsom, LA; Houston, TX; and Beauont, TX

1. Old Testament Survey:


A survey of the Old Testament from a chronological and topical approach. The development of the central theme, general contents, purpose, and historical setting of each book will be examined and applied to contemporary life.  Each course may be taken for college credit or on a noncredit basis.  If you are taking these course in order to qualify for ordination, you may choose either option. The classes are self-paced and you may begin at any time.

College Credit Students:  Complete the application for credit 
Non credit Students: Complete the noncredit application

College Credit Students: 
•     One-time Registration cost for credit is $75
•     Tuition cost for Credit is $250 for each 3 hour course
Non credit Students:

 One-time Registration cost is $25
 Tuition cost for Non Credit is $100 for each 3 hour course
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Eld. Leroy Divinity, Jr.

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