Menís Ministry of Midway

Church of Christ (Holiness) USA

2007 THEME: Men, Driven and On A Mission


Pastor Leroy Divinity - Ministry Leader


Our Menís Ministry has already begun planning for our 2007 Activity Year. As we prayerfully make these plans each of our activities remain focused and geared to our mission driven area:


I. Teen Boys

   a.  Education

   b.  Social Development

   c.  Relationship


II.  Motivation and Dedication of the men of our church and community.


We have divided our activities into 4 quarters for the year.   

1st Quarter: January, February, March


Teen Boys:

Round-Table Rap Session Ė Topic: Relationships


Adult Men: TBA

2nd Quarter: April, May, June


Teen Boys:

Camping Trip To Mississippi

Camping Trip On Ministry Center


Adult Men: TBA


3rd Quarter: July, August, September


Teen Boys:

Trip to USS Alabama (Battleship)

     -To encourage excellence in Education


Adult Men: TBA


4th Quarter: Oct., Nov., & Dec.


Teen Boys:

Decorate Church Ministry Center for the Holidays


Adult Men: TBA



We are also committed to Community Service Projects.


For the 1st and 2nd Quarters we will assist a brother who was a victim of Hurricane Katrina in locating and moving into a home here in the Folsom area.

Also we will assist a local teen in a mission trip to Africa.


For the 3rd and 4th Quarters we will assist Overcoming Mission COCHUSA Ė Slidell, Louisiana in needed projects to rebuild.   



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Aug. 4-8


Prayer: 7pm

Service: 7:30pm

Theme:  Christ The Foundation of Leadership

Revivalist:  Eld. George Burris










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